Vocational Development Programmes

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  • Since 2004, the Vocational Training Programmes (VDP), including Teen's Programme and People of Different Races, provides various courses.  Each course offers 300 hours of training to trainees.  This is to help the non-engaged youths (NEY) to develop their interests and capabilities in vocational training for gainful environment. 
  • Youth Training Programme (YTP) for aged 15-24 has been funded by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) since Sept 2008.


Training Allowance

  • Students must complete the course with an attendance rate of not less than 80% in all subjects and pass all assessments in order to receive the training allowance.
  • If students provide any false or misleading information, they may be disqualified from receiving the training allowance.
  • The training allowance may affect the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) subsidy amount.  If applicants, parents/guardians and referrals (social workers/teachers/staff of the Education Bureau Non-attendance Cases Team) have any enquiries, please contact the Social Security Department of the Social Welfare Department directly.


Courses Offered


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Vocational Development Programmes