Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)


Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in DVE programmes aims to enhance students’ learning experience.

  • To enhance students’ experience by augmenting the skills set and providing an immersive VR environment of the workplace.
  • To motivate students and engage their learning interest by using different means of technologies.
  • To ensure the learning activities are organised in a safe environment.
  • To repeat and revise of practice are available as needed.



TEL is one of the major VPET trends in the 21st century, a trend that can enhance the access and effectiveness of learning, as well as create better teaching and learning experiences.

Through an array of diversified trade teaching and learning activities, students could be able to experience the latest technologies and enrich their trade literacy with a view to forging a better career path.



Technologies would be used in TEL:

1. Virtual reality-based simulation system

Brake system maintenance

Fitness gymnasium 360 Tour


Procedures of using fire extinguishers

Procedures of aircraft maintenance


Rope course for student development

High voltage repair for electric vehicle


2. Smart glasses

Using Augmented Reality (AR)
to assist teaching and learning

First-person view for live streaming
to demonstrate practical skills


3. Educational video

Low code contextualized scenario

Trade-specific videos


Interactive videos for learning

Concept brief


4. Web-based interactive learning tools

WebVR for brake system

Information on photo studio


SCORM package to assist learning


5. Gamification

Games to learn vocabulary

Games to learn Putonghua pinyin


6. Artificial intelligence and Robotics

Chatbot for information enquiry

Chatbot to assist learning


Using image recognition
to assist learning

Learning vocabulary
using artificial intelligence


Learning machine learning (ML)
programming using robot

IoT application development
with low code approach

Technology enhanced learning (TEL)